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The Mac and the PC

So I’ve been using my MacBook Pro for a few weeks now. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Windows laptops are the uncouth construction workers at the job site. MacBooks are the classy, beautiful woman the workers whistle at when she walks by.


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Windows 7 RC: good!

I installed Windows 7 RC tonight and my first impressions are very favorable. The installation was the easiest of any OS I’ve done, including some of the “friendly” Linux distros. I even set up a dual boot with my existing XP and the Win 7 installer handled it without missing a beat.

The installation process required as little human input as possible. It asked which language and locale I wanted to use,  which time zone I was in and which partition to install on. After that, it did everything on its own. I was even worried that I’d accidentally overwritten my XP partition, because nothing asked me how I wanted to format the free partition, etc, etc. Once the installation was complete, Win 7 was happily installed on my second partition and it had even set up a boot loader menu which defaulted to Win 7, but had an entry for my previous XP instance.

The initial experience with Win 7 is pretty good. There were no device driver issues…everything just worked. It played nice with SAMBA shares on my network and IE 8 let me browse away. I’ve already installed AVG antivirus and iTunes, and my iPod is syncing as I type this.

So far, Microsoft gets a big thumbs up from me!

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