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What’s the point of Simler?

A friend of mine recently tweeted about a new social media site called Simler, which proudly proclaims on it’s main page:

Simler is people just like you.

By connecting you with people that think the same way, Simler makes the world a smaller—and better—place for everyone.

WTF? It will connect me with people who think just like me? I can find people who think like me with no trouble at all. What I want social media to do, what I need social media to do, is to expose me to lots of people who don’t think like me. I need to be connected to diversity, to different people, thoughts and opinions. That’s what social media has been great at doing and that’s a vital role which it needs to continue to play, both in my life and in society in general.

Simler seems like it will be very attractive for intolerant people who have serious issues with others who don’t think or believe the same things. Do we really need a social media site which promotes intolerance, tunnel vision and groupthink? Crazy religious and political extremists seem to do a great job at that already.

Maybe I’m really wrong here. Maybe I’m overreacting to Simler’s tagline and it will turn out to be a great site for more innocuous activities, such as connecting with fellow hobbyists, sports fans, etc. I hope that’s the case.


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