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Twitter + inflight wifi = ???

I was reading this article from MSNBC (Frustrated tweets new headache for airlines) and I wondered what will happen when airlines finally move inflight wifi from the trial stage into full rollout. How will airlines react when passengers can tweet, blog and e-mail their frustrations while in the air?  Are the airlines are prepared for the tide of cranky in-air tweets, enabled by their own efforts to give travelers more a la carte options?


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2 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    I agree about Twitter, or Facebook, or whatever social media one will use “in flight” – flying could get really interesting in the next few months. And coming from a news perspective, you know the newschannels are going to be watching twitter feeds real close for any breaking news in the air.

    • Matthew Petro says:

      Oh, I didn’t think about the news possibilities! It seems like the old media outlets are desperately clinging to their model, but really they’re just becoming SM feed aggregators.

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