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Wrapping up a great day

Tracie and I had a great day doing fun stuff for my birthday. We started off at Schnepf Farms picking peaches with ourEating a peach friend Lisa and her kids. I had never been out to Schnepf for peach season and the peaches were AMAZING! I’m pretty sure I ate 4 while we were picking and trying to take pictures of us making a mess of peach juice.

The Fontina burger and fries at Joe's Farm Grill

For lunch, we headed over to Joe’s Farm Grill. We’d never been there and it was fantastic. The burgers and garlic fries alone would have been worth the 60 mile drive to Gilbert. Then we finished up the day at Sweet Republic, having the best ice cream on earth. I’ve never considered Peaches & cream yumminessJalapeno & Avocado and Bacon to be ice cream flavors, but Sweet Republic did them brilliantly. A great finish to a five-star day!


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Getting rid of s***

I’ve been going through boxes of old stuff I had in storage. I realized that I didn’t need to be paying someone else a bunch of money to keep my junk in air-conditioned comfort, so I brought the boxes home and I’ve been trying to get rid of as much as possible.

None of this stuff is of value to anyone but me, and most of it isn’t even of value to me anymore. I’ve found stuff from college, high school and earlier. Much of it comes from events I can barely remember, and some I’ve totally forgotten. I assume this stuff was important once, but there’s no need to keep it now.

Even though I tell myself that and I logically know that most of my stuff really doesn’t even have sentimental value, I have a hard time throwing old things out. I feel bad getting rid of things which have been sitting around for 10, 15 or more years, just because they were once important to me. It’s like they start to take on some kind of sacred antiqueness, a sense of holiness, just because they’re from a past time in my life that I can never get back to.

Why should things be kept around just because they’re old? I’m not sure of the answer to that, but I keep having this nagging feeling that they should. That it would be a mistake to get rid of them.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten a lot better as surpressing that irrational feeling lately and I’ve been dumping things like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve filled up the recycling bin with papers and lab notebooks from college and loaded up the trash can with ancient training manuals and even petrified Hershey’s kisses.

I did keep my junior high yearbooks. That may turn out to be the real mistake.

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Unlikely coincidence

Lately I’ve been cleaning out old stuff I’ve had in storage for several years. I’ve found 18th birthday cards, ACT and SAT scores, college notebooks and all kinds of other unneeded detrius from years past.

U lock keys

U lock keys

In one box, I found a set of keys which didn’t seem like they belonged with anything else in the box. Normally, an orphan set of keys would be really annoying to me…yes, I know that sounds a little OCD. But in this case, it was a completely fortunate discovery.

Last month, my dad gave me an old Huffy mountain bike which I’d had back in college. I needed a bike for riding to and from work and he wanted to get the bike out of his garage. So, he cleaned it up and passed is along to me. Still attached in a bracket on the bike was the U lock I once used. However, my dad had no idea where the keys were, so I took off the lock and left it in my garage, thinking it was probably useless and needed to be thrown away (or recycled, if locks can be recycled).

So you’ve probably figured out the rest of the story by now…I tried the orphaned keys in the U lock just to see if I’d been on the receiving end of luck and sure enough, the keys matched the lock. Moral of the story: cleaning out old junk at the right time got me what amounts to a free U lock!

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A Day of Fail

Today was Memorial Day, a day to relax and remember those who have died for this country. Instead, a portion of my day turned into an adventure of FAIL.

In the morning, Tracie and I headed to the mall to take advantage of the weekend’s sales. On our way there, we got a call from our neighbor, who had noticed that her yard and our car had been egged overnight. Unfortunately, the car which was egged was the one we were driving. Fail #1. We immediately detoured out of our way to visit a Danny’s Family Car Wash.

After paying for and receiving a VIP wash, we headed back to the mall. A few miles down the road, I realized that Danny’s Family had neglected to do the interior dressing, which was the main point of paying for the VIP wash. Fail #2

We turned around and headed back to Danny’s Family, where the problem was quickly rectified. This made the Day of Fail slightly better. On the way back to the mall, I fielded a phone call from work, which quickly erased the slight feeling of joy from finally getting the VIP wash completed.

We were successful in our shopping and we discovered Stax Burger Bistro as well, so that seemed to make the day look better. However, once we got home, I found that egg remnants had gotten behind the spare tire assembly on the back of my RAV4. Despite the wash, they were stubbornly attached. Fail #3. I spent my afternoon removing the spare tire and cleaning the car, followed by scrubbing the remnants of the fried egg of the driveway. Note: Simple Green helps a LOT if you’re cleaning fried egg off of concrete.

I’d really like another day off, so I can actually have a holiday from my holiday.

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